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Tyler White is smuggling meth around town but for good reason: To destroy spam bots who prey on the innocent.

However Detectives Noyozu and Terry also have their eyes set on solving the curious case of the infection. 

Will they be able to set aside their differences long enough to save  the world? Or will it truly be.... Tyler White Vs The World?


For a long time, magic users and races such as the Orcs and Elves have remained in hiding in fear of what the majority may think of them. That hasn't changed until one day, a few brave warriors revealed themselves. 

A boy named Yuuthan and his friends became known to the world as a type of magician called the Element Controllers. Since then,  courage and hope began to spread. Those in hiding have been brought to the light once more. And this solidified once Time Controller Enith Bloom briefly led the modern era in a war against the Past and the Future, revealing what the world has been and what it will be.

But none of that copypasta has anything to do with this game directly either.

Though, it is thanks to those events that magic is once again a known commodity in the world.


Tyler White the Dealer

Just an ordinary citizen trying to save the world

Rin Noyozu the Detective

The person who will reach out to the truth

Terry Cruise the Assistant

Cheerful helper of the people

Edea East the Cook

The innocent drug dealer that will clear his good name

Wanda Washington the Commissioner 

The powerful police lead who will bring justice upon the world

Suki Lunero the Launderer

The launderer who is an expert at both worlds


~A comedy rpg experience with focus on dialogue !

~Interacting with things does something! Go ahead, click away!

~Can be finished in around an hour and a half!

~Multiple endings! Ish!

~Voice acting in the future! 


~Save often!

~Pay attention! There are some parts where you will die from dialogue options! Or, it can take you on a path you don't mean to go!

Powered by the RPG Maker MV Engine Developed by KADOKAWA, Yoji Ojima Published by Degica

Opening animation by Fayreverie


Luckxan Baluyot (Kaza2929)

Edited by Lasagnya

Install instructions

1. Download the Tyler White Vs The World V 1 1 rar file

2. Extract the Tyler White Vs The World folder to the location you please.

3. Run Game.exe and you should be golden!


Tyler White Vs The World v1 1.rar 285 MB

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